2017, Stage, Lionel Dewar, TRESPASS, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns

2017, Stage, Inspector Pratt, DONG DING MURDER ME ON HIGH, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns

2016, Stage, Brian Flowers, SWAP!, Talking Scarlet Productions, Ian Ogilvy

2015, Stage, Inspector Pratt, SECONDARY CAUSE OF DEATH, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns

2015, Stage, Jim Guthrie, PORTRAIT OF MURDER, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns2015, Stage, Jingle, PICKWICK PAPERS, Ian Dickens International, Ian Dickens

2015, Stage, Rance, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns

2015, Stage, Ramsay, STONE COLD MURDER, Talking Scarlet Productions, Patric Kearns

2014, Stage, Big Mac, SHADY BUSINESS, Talking Scarlet, Patric Kearns

2014, Stage, Norman, TABLE MANNERS, Talking Scarler, Patric Kearns

2013, Stage, Alfred Jingle, PICKWICK PAPERS, Ian Dickens International, Ian Dickens

2013, Stage, Boris, MURDER IN PLAY, Ian Dickens, Ian Dickens/David Callister

2012, Stage, Randolph Bolton, DEAD RINGER, Ian Dickens International, Andrew Linford

2011, Stage, Inspector Pratt, DEATH BY FATAL MURDER, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2011, Stage, Inspector Pratt, MURDERED TO DEATH, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Giles Watling

2010, Stage, Bobby Bentley, LOVE'S A LUXURY, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Giles Watling

2010, Stage, Mr Watson, NIGHTFRIGHT, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2010, Stage, Henry Benson, THE TART AND THE VICAR'S WIFE, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2009, Stage, Rev. Lionel Toop, POOLS PARADISE, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Giles Watling

2009, Stage, Rick, KILLING TIME, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2009, Stage, Ernest Foster, MURDER WITH LOVE, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2008, Stage, John Smith, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

2008, Stage, John Barrett, DANGEROUS OBSESSION, ID Productions, Dave North

2007, Stage, Eric Swann, CASH ON DELIVERY, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2007, Stage, A FARCE, Cork Opera House & UK Tour

2007, Stage, Richard Winthrop, THE GHOST TRAIN, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2006, Stage, Henry, FUNNY MONEY, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Giles Watling

2006, Stage, Norman, LIVING TOGETHER, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2006, Stage, Norman, TABLE MANNERS, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2005, Stage, Robert, JUST DESSERTS, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens and Giles Watling

2005, Stage, Philip Harrison, THE GENTLE HOOK, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2005, Stage, Norman, TABLE MANNERS, Ian Dickens Productions Ltd, Ian Dickens

2004, Stage, George Pigden, OUT OF ORDER, Ian Dickens & Giles Watling

2003, Stage, Mike Connolly, IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY, Ian Dickens

2002, Stage, Richard Winthrop, THE GHOST TRAIN, ID Productions

2001, Stage, John Smith, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

2000, Stage, Roger, WIFE BEGINS AT 40, Swansea Grand Theatre, David Griffin

2000, Stage, Tony, DIAL M FOR MURDER, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

2000, Stage, Lawrence, MURDER AT THE VICARAGE, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

2000, Stage, Harold, SPRING AND PORT NINE, Darlington, Glenn Hugill

1999, Stage, Brian Runnicles, NO SEX PLEASE WE'RE BRITISH, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

1999, Stage, Norman, ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN, I.D.P., Ian Dickens

1998, Stage, Lombard, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

1998, Stage, Bernard, DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

1996, Stage, Jimmy, THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP, ID Productions, Ian Dickens

1994, Stage, Algernon, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, DP Productions, Ian Dickens

1991, Stage, Mike, BIRTHS, Jill Freud, Simon Williams

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